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Redefining Remote Inspections

Avatour delivers a complete 360° view of the site, to enable remote teams and stakeholders to conduct audits and inspections with confidence.


Save Time

Eliminate unnecessary downtime and get back the hours spent traveling to and from your sites.  


Reduce Costs

Conduct audits and inspections without the cost of travel: airfare, lodging, meals, etc. Teams save an average of $990 per person for a domestic business trip and $2500 per person for international.


Visibility On Demand

Don’t wait until your next in-person visit. Dive into an interactive 360° environment of your locations instantly, with Avatour’s remote inspection technology.


Increase Efficiency

Conduct audits and inspections faster and more frequently, even with limited resources.


Remote Inspections in Real Time

Conduct inspections in real time with a full 360° view. 

Collaborate with remote subject matter experts (SMEs) and stakeholders, each with control over their own point-of-view (POV). 


Record Inspections to Analyze and Discuss

Record and upload inspections, walkthroughs, and other on-site activities directly to the Avatour platform. 

Invite up to 30 remote participants to view recordings in a meeting to analyze and discuss findings.


Record the Inspection to Analyze and Discuss

Record and upload inspections and audits directly to the Avatour platform. 

Invite up to 20 remote participants to view, analyze, and discuss findings.



Organize Assets and Manage Access

Easily manage recorded inspections, walkthroughs and other assets for team collaboration.

Schedule inspections, send invitations, and manage access to recorded assets on the Host Dashboard.

Step 1: Get the Kit

Avatour offers a turnkey kit that includes everything you need to get started.

The kit includes a 360-degree camera, an extendable stick, a tripod base, bluetooth audio, and more. 

DB Schenker Avatour
Step 2: Invite Guests

Log in to Avatour either on a web browser or on the mobile Host App.

Set up a meeting with a unique meeting code, and invite guests via email .

Step 3: Run the Inspection

Join the meeting and start sharing your live 360° feed. 

Remote participants maintain control of their own 360° field of view, with built-in tools for a highly interactive experience.

See How It Works in 2 Minutes

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Chris Carpenter

“One of the features we love about Avatour is that it gives all the participants their own view.

... it gives them the sense of being on site instead of being beholden to a singular camera view.”

- Chris Carpenter

Factory Performance & Reliability Leader

Hill's Pet Nutrition
Robert Warren

"The fact that we can record our site visit is great. I can ‘return’ to the site any time and see what I saw again...

We’re sending Avatour kits to places where it’s cheaper than having people fly."

- Robert Warren

Senior Environmental Scientist


Black & Veatch

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